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Where is the Peruvian Healing Forest and Ceremonies?
Healing In Peru
2012 Peru Gathering in Community Blessing Ceremonies
Colca Canyon and Alpaca sipping tea!


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Where is the Peruvian Healing Forest and Ceremonies?

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I can feel the roller coaster of world themes, and changes.  I feel like we are riding in a small boat, and rocking from side to side.  It is a bit dizzying to look at what is happening on the planet from Fukushima, to Syria refugees, to economic instability, to the Phillipine survivors waiting for water and food. 
I recommend you travel to Peru to have a pause from all of this.

Healing In Peru

Living in Peru for over 5 years, and traveling here for over 11 years, I am witnessing many aspects of Peru that are changing. 

First of all,  the INC is beginning to rope off some of my favorite places.  The largest circle in Moray, is now roped off.  You can look at it from a distance, but I will miss the chance to take groups here to feel the energy of that first circle. 

Secondly,  ALL ceremonies are prohibited now in the sacred sites.  I use to be able to wander around a corner or in a less accesses area, but now I am going to be sharing ceremonies more outside of the sacred sites.

2012 Peru Gathering in Community Blessing Ceremonies

Inka Trail?  Machu Picchu?  Cuzco or Pisaq?  Lake Titicaca?  Are you wondering where you should go next?  Whether you hike the Inka Trail or ascend to Huayna Picchu,  you want to invite the Qero Elders from beyond Ausungate, who come from the Qeros Communities.  These Qero Elders will share a despacho blessing, and assist your alignment before you go.  Who are the Qero?
The Qero are the original descendants of the Inka, who in ancient times fled to the high mountains to avoid the Spanish Conquistadors.

Colca Canyon and Alpaca sipping tea!

 Have a cup of mate de coca y muna!
                                                                       This was such a fun day!  We traveling by bus from Arequipa to Chivay and then on to Colca Canyon.
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