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Qero Biography

Qero Sebastian shares many of his karpays near Chinchero and other sacred sites.  Here he is gifting the rites of the Pampamesayok using a Tibetan Bell that he was gifted.  He has several books written about him.  The first in the series is THE ANDEAN CODEX written by J.E. Williams, known as Santiago in the book.  He shares all the ways that Sebastian taught Santiago the Andean Teachings in the Mountains of the Andes.


Pascual  Apaza
Pascual was on the spiritual path for 26 years. Vincente Apaza was hia father.  He studied with Don Manuel Quispe also in the Qero community.  He was raised in Qeros and lived in Onicsu Cculpacuccho.  Now he lives in San Sebastian with his wife, Santusa Quispe.  His son is Jose Luis and is 12 anos.  He works with Despachos and Coca Leaf Readings.   If you are interested in studying the Ancient Traditions he will gift you with the Ayni Karpay for Cleansing, and then the Mosoq Karpay for the new connection to the karpay, and then Pampamesayok para Pachamama. 

 Santos and Don Agustin

Santos and Agustin are from Hatun Qeros and Cochomocco and are available for ceremonies and despachos on our journeys.  They also have many beautiful mastanas for sale to wrap your mesas in or for sacred altars.  

Santos is beginning to help more groups to travel to Qeros for camping treks.  His father Agustin is often available to help with Despacho Ceremonies and to share a karpay.  They both live in San Sebastian near Cusco, and travel back and forth to Qeros. Santos has several young children now.  We love to support them.   
Vilma Pinedo is a beautiful soul that we love to work with also.  She offers coca leaf readings, individual healings, and the Ayni Karpay.  She also recently became a guide, and assists us with guiding in some of the Sacred Sites like Tipon and Pisaq. 
She is an expert at floral baths, and offers these out in her home near Huasao, a village of healers.
Vilma has a young child and is now Mayor of Huasao!     So sweet! 

Qero Basilio has worked with us for years, and here is preparing the kintus for our despacho ceremony and karpay.  He lives high above Cusco, and has a wonderful sense of playfulness and joy.  


We also work with Don Francisco Chura Flores and Juanita, and his son Eduardo.    His schedule is opening up for 2017 and 2018.

We work with Don Umberto , and their sons Rolando and Guillermo.

We sometimes are gifted to work with Dona Bernadina from Saylla.  We are in touch with Dona Maria.  At our 7 Ray Conference we invited Don Mariano who shared some of the Nusta Rites with us, and Jamee has received some Nusta Rites from Don Alberto.  Don Mariano will be assisting our journey July 2017 and hopefully 2018!

We always have ceremonies with Qero Elders on our Sacred Valley Tours, and can easily accommodate your requests.  We are always guided by spirit which Qero is available to work with us on different dates!!  We love the surprises!

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