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Preparations for the Journey 2018
  • You must have a current passport to enter Peru.   ( Not expiring less than 6 months )
  • You will receive a visa paper when you enter called an Andean Migration Card.  You will ask them for the amount of days you would like ( I always recommend ask for more in case you stay longer )
  • Check a Travel Clinic (often near a University ) for any Immunizations you would like to get.  ( I got everything and I seem to be OK but this is your personal decision )
  • Look at purchasing Travel Insurance for medical evacuations and medical coverage in a foreign country
  • CSA Travel Protection,
        5151Viewridge Court, San Diego CA 92123.  800-348-9505.
        Or  Travelex at
  • Make your flight arrangements:
  • International Flights to Lima
  • Lima to Cusco Flight landing by Noon, depending on your tour.
  • Return from Cusco to Lima OR
  • Return from Juliaca near Puno in Lake Titicaca area.
  • International Flights could be that evening later
  • Email me copies of your arrival times in Cusco and your leaving times from Cusco.
  • Put your rolling middle sized suitcase in your travel corner ( feng shui )
  • Make 5 copies of your passport to bring with you, and one copy of your credit cards front and back
  • Inform your bank you are traveling to Peru and might use your credit card there or debit card or whatever you use.
  • Start to organize your What to Bring List ( See second page )
  • Hike or walk at least 3 times a week to keep yourself in gentle hiking shape
What to Bring
Packing List for 2018
  •  Excellent Hiking Boots (I recommend lightweight boots with ankle support )
  •  Warm Hiking Socks such as Smart Wool
  •  Comfortable Tennis Shoes for after hiking or Tevas…etc.
  •  3 Long sleeved hiking shirts
  •  3 Hiking pants and blue jeans
  •  Fleece jacket for lightweight warmth
  •  Down Vest for cooler temperatures ( For Lake Titicaca or  Mountain Trek -  Ski   Coat )
  • Rain Poncho or Rain coat
  • Excellent day backpack that can hold a jacket,  snacks and protein bars,  two water bottles, sunhat, sunscreen, camera etc…
  • One High Quality Water Bottles
  •  Money Belt that hides under your shirt
  •  Sunglasses, Sunscreen to 45, and a great hat
  •  Emergen C and Electrolyte packets to add to your water   bottles
  •  Voltage Converter for South America( Mainly for Curling Iron
  •  Hair Dryer with converter plug
  •  EXCELLENT Flashlight with extra batteries
  •  Pocket knife, Swiss army knife…
  •  Camera, with extra batteries, and digital cards…
  •  Toiletries, Kleenex, wet wipes,  zip-lock bags.  ( Prepare to   carry out what you bring in )
  •  Headache Medicine – Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil
  •  Small personal First Aid Kit
  •  Hot Water Bottle for warmth on the islands
  •  Swimming suit and extra towel
  •  Check stores such as for camping gear

 Gifts for the ShamansIt is up to your creativity as far as gifts.  Recently, I have given excellent flashlights, camping lanterns, swiss army knives, and other small camping gear.   Our guides will appreciate something from the US perhaps not available in Peru.  Small Travel Bags, hiking hats, tshirts that are fun, and hiking accessories also.  As mentioned before, with the Qero they appreciate you purchasing some of their textiles and weavings.
Clarification of Tour Guidelines Your Journey includes: All Hotel and Retreat accommodations  Continental Breakfasts  Buses to Sacred Sites, Entrance Tickets Shamanic Processes and Teachings by Jamee   
Your journey DOES NOT INCLUDE:
Lunch and Dinners (Estimate $30 per day) 
Travel Insurance Immunizations 
Personal Items Shopping Items 
There are wonderful things like textiles and weavings! 
*** I highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance through a company that provides medical coverage and medical evacuation in case of an emergency.  Hopefully, none of us will use this.  You can look online for travel insurance companies and some credit cards have travel insurance policies available for an extra charge.  Please check your policy carefully. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this.
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