Peru Mistico Travel S.R.L. - Travel to Sacred Sites and Shift your Life with Shamanic Processes.  Enter the Healer Within State and Envision Changes.
Peru Mistico Travel S.R.L. offers a variety of length of tours for both the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu and Extensions to the following locations:

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7 Day Valle Sagrado y Machu Picchu  - We travel the 5 Day tour,and then add 2 Days to Cusco to visit the Ancient Archaeological Sites of Sacsayhuaman,  Templo de Korikancha, and a City tour to enjoy the beautiful gifts and alpaca clothes. 
5 Day 4 Night Lake Titicaca Tours We travel by tour bus towards Puno and stop at 4 or 5 places to visit such as Racqchi the Creator Temple, with a buffet lunch in Sicuani, and then towards the mountain Pass of La Raya.  We we arrive to Puno, we overnight near Puno, and continue by boat towards a Cultural Tour of Uros-Amantani for Ceremony at Sunset.  
There are 3600 inhabitants of the Isla de Amantani who have a Quechuan origin and farm with papas, barley, and haba.  We bring donations to these simple families of food and books for their schools.  We sometimes continue to Taquile or return to travel towards the famous Aramu Muru portal.  We share in ancient Andean Ceremonies and Visions here connecting to the spirit of the serpent, jaguar, and the gateways.  Some of these experiences were first described by Jorge Luis Delgado in his book Andean Awakening.
5 Day 4 Night Colca Canyon Tour We travel from Cusco towards Arequipa.  We arrive in Arequipa and enter a city of White Rocks with Apu Misti in the background.  We have a delicious dinner in the Plaza here, with overnight in Arequipa.  We leave early the next morning to continue towards Chivay to see the National Preserve of the Vicunas.  We pass by the Chachani Volcano in the distance,  and stop at the Mirador de los Volcanoes, around 4,900 metres.  We share a buffet lunch in Chivay, and then continue towards a beautiful lodge in Colca Canyon.  The third morning, we continue at dawn to the La Cruz del Condor where we are able to appreciate the flight of the Condors and the Colca Canyon with a wonderful guide Omar.  We soak in the hot springs and receive beautiful healing treatments here.  Spa treatments are a separate cost.  On the next morning we return towards Arequipa, to visit the city in the afternoon.  Overnight in Arequipa. 
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