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Jungle Excursion with Peru Agencies:

Puerto Maldonado for 4 N and 5 D
We will fly to Puerto Maldonado and stay at a beautiful lodge in the selva up the Madre de Dios River.

Day 1  Rest in the jungle lodge, and sip fresh fruit juices and relax in the hammocks. Take a boat across the river, and visit the wildlife including monkeys and feel the essences of the healing energies of the jungle. 

Day 2   Hike and explore with local guide, and in the afternoon receive healing sessions and learn shamanic mesa processes to prepare us for ceremonies.

Day 3 Take a boat up the tributary of the river, and visit the mud of the Madre de Dios for a true natural mud bath. Discover the beauties of this place. Afternoon second program for shamanic healing mesa processes.  Evening option to take the boat to look for the cayman with flashlights.

Day 4  Long hike is optional to visit a lake. Learn more about the healing plants in this area, and prepare yourself for your sacred intentions. 

This program is dedicated to the beauty and exploration of the jungle of Peru. Most individuals will begin to slow down and relax and unwind just by the presence of the sounds and vibrations of this place.  Email for further details and registrations. We are only offering small groups on this tour. We have learned that small groups for this type of adventure is the best!

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