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Blessing Ceremonies

The Qero Indigenous Elders are from the high Andes near the communities of Qero.  They have shared with me for many years, a ceremony called a Despacho, which is a mandala of leaves, flowers, grains, and candies that we create and with our breath put in our intentions and prayers.  I offer these ceremonies and in Peru we offer these ceremonies sometimes with an elder, depending on their schedules.  Email me if you are interested in scheduling this.  We can also create them remote, and then try to call you on Skype to share the end of the ceremony with you...

Ceremony: Despacho
Blessing ceremony for the balance of the planet earth, and ourselves.
Price: $125.00


Contact: Jamee Curtice / E-mail:  USA Number after October 3rd:  USA  1-385-252-8054

Peru Cell:  01151-964-176624 or email at
May through end of September.

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