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Karpays or Initiations
The Qero Elders come from the high Andes Communities of Qeros which have 5 smaller communities.  They are descendants of the Inka and perhaps even older cultures.  They share a Despacho ceremony where they create a mandala or medicine bundle with leaves, flowers, grains, and candies to offer to the Pachamama, the Mother Earth.  They often call to at least 12 Apus including the surrounding Apus where they are during the ceremony.There are a variety of initiations or karpays they sometimes share if you are interested.  Different Qero offer different sequences of karpays.  First, there might be an Ayni Karpay, which is a cleansing karpay.  Second, they might gift you the Pampamesayok Karpay, which connects you to the Pachamama.  There are others they offer if you decide to study the Qero Medicine Traditions.
Opening Sacred Space
In many native American traditions they will open sacred space with 6 or 7 directions.  In Peru they open what is called the Tawantisuyu, or the Four Quadrants of the Earth.  They will call to the Qollasuyu, the Contisuyu, the Chinchasuyu, and the Antisuyu.  We can teach you how to open the directions and then close them in the evenings. 
In the Andean tradition, the Wiracocha is also known as the Creator Energy ( Sometimes called the Taitanchis ).  We associate this with the 8 chakra.  There is a small mountain in Ollantaytambo known as the Wiracocha Mountain.  When we do ceremony or share the karpays, we often will open the wiracocha or 8 chakra like a luminous egg over ourselves.  After we finish ceremony, we will close the wiracocha and nourish our 7 chakras with this Source Energy.
Munay Ki
In 2006, a purely energetic form of the Karpays and rites began to emerge.  Alberto Villoldo who studied with indigenous people and Qero Elders in Peru for 30 years, translated the forms and transmissions into what is called the Munay Ki.  There are 9 Munay Ki Rites.  They are gifted without the Quechuan Language and have been shared in many countries all over the world.The first four rites are the foundation rites which include the Healer Rites ( Hampeq ), the Bands of Protection, the Seer Rites, and then the Harmony Rites.  During your travels, if you would like some mini programs on the rites and to receive these first 4 foundation rites, please ask Jamee.
Divination includes an intuitive reading that looks at multiple possibilities.  Perhaps in the past you have heard of psychic readings.  In a psychic reading, the reader might be tracking or sensing your highest probable luminous thread.  In a true divination we look at multiple possibilies where you have a choice to activate or ignore some of those future possibilities.  You always have the power to energize or ignore divinations.  The Qero Elders and Jamee offer coca leaf divinations.  Jamee also offers stone readings or hanaqpacha destiny retrievals.  These can assist and encourage you for future shifts and changes in your life.
Floral Baths
This is one of the cleansing ceremonies in Peru.  We travel out towards Huasao, and visit a female shaman who prepares our floral bath ceremony.  You will select a variety of scented flowers to be boiled in your flower bath.  Sometimes we also add fruits such as mango or papaya.  You will set your intention for cleansing.  The shaman will pour the floral waters over your body multiple times, and saying blessing prayers for your healing.  Ask Jamee for details.
Egg Cleansing
On the coast of Peru, the curanderos have often used eggs for cleansing energies.  They will also place an egg under the bed of a child to help the child cleanse and have better dreams if they are frightened.  You set your intention into the egg for cleansing.  The curandero will cleanse your energy in a gentle fashion counterclockwise or circularly throughout your body.  The egg will attract dense energies that are no longer helpful.  Occassionally the curandero will also open the egg into water, and do a reading of your energy systems.  After they do the reading, they might cleanse further or have other herb and plant recommendations for herbal teas and plasters.
Starting a Mesa and Shamanic Path
After you explore some of the Andean Traditions, you might want to go deeper into the work.  If you begin a mesa, you are committing to healing yourself first, and then to study and practice how to assist others.  The stones from the high mountains called Apus might be some of your first healing stones.  In order for the stone to become a mesa stone, you want to do a healing process with the stone and shift and heal a theme in yourself.  Sometimes this process is called a yanachaqui.  Jamee Curtice offers in depth trainings for working with a mesa, and learning more of the Andean Traditions.  In each direction, you work with three stones and heal three themes in your life.  Talk to Jamee about more details of the trainings.  On our one week journey, we will introduce you to the yanachaqui process and work with one healing stone to start your mesa.  You will want to find a stone that fits into the palm of your hand, and the speaks to you or calls to you in some way.  You also will want a cloth to wrap your stone in, because it will be blessed by a Qero Elder after you have done your healing work.
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