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Andean Teachings and Qero Ceremony Tour
Description: Tour a sacred site with the Qero such as Pisaq or Moray.  Learn the ancient traditional themes held in the site.  We combine traditional archaeological info and combine this with indigenous teachings and honoring of the elders called the Qero.  They come from the high Andes near Hatun Qero where there are about 5 remaining villages around 16,000 feet or higher.  The Qero are considered the direct descendants of the Inka.  Their traditions include both ceremonies called despachos and karpays or initiations.   The Despacho blessing is a mandala of plants, flowers, grains, and herbs, and candies.  Each ingredient is entered with intentions for your health, your work, your travels, your families, and your lives.  They cleanse your energy field with this bundle and then burn it in a fire ceremony.  The karpays are ancient initiations connecting you to the Earth, the Mountains, and the Elements.  Each Karpay has a different intention that we teach you about when you arrive.  Please read this sample of tour ceremonies for a preview of what we are offering.  In each tour we emphasize different aspects according to the group direction and intentions.
Day 1 Pisaq –Each tour is individually designed according to the group and participants intentions.  Here is an example:  Hike first toward the ancient burial area where thousands of mummies were originally buried.  Track one of your ancestors, and honor the gifts they gave you.  Clear old patterns that are not helpful.
Continue towards the Pachamama Cave, breathing and connecting to the spirit of the mother earth.  We will wander up towards the feminine nusta seat.  Connect with the Feminine Energy within and receive the Munay Ki Daykeeper Rite, the energetic transmission of the Pampamesayok in its simpler form.
Hike down toward the main Temple of the Sun, and connect to the Masculine Energy within you.  Track themes that are current focuses of the masculine within you.  Tour the Temple of the Sun, learning about the chakana symbol, and its symbology of the three worlds.  Clear your Andean Centers, llankay, munay, and llachay in the water temple area. 
Hike down to the lower temple area where we will share in a blessing  flower ceremony and receive the more Healer Rites opening the vortexes of your hands.  We return to the Plaza of Pisaq with a lovely lunch at Mullu Restaurant, and wander the markets bargaining for the best prices with our assistant manager Henry in Quechua. 
Day 2 Moray – Tour the ancient agricultural experiment of Moray, and wander to the belly of the Pachamama.  We will receive and learn about the Bands of Protection that protect your luminous energy field and connects your field to the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Light.  We will journey to the lower world, called the Uhupacha, and share in a simple soul retrieval together in ceremony.  We will also share in a blessing for the Earth, the Pachamama, and the World for balance, harmony, and  peace.
We eat together at the top of the circles with a box lunch, and admiring the high mountains that are 180 degrees view here.  Witness the spirit of Apu Veronica, Apu Pitusaray, Apu Chicon, and more.  Travel back towards Salineras, the Salt Flats, and explore this area and its family owned salt ponds.  If there is still time and energy in the group, we wander down towards the Urumbamba River here for about an hour and 15 minutes, enjoying the landscape, and preparing ourselves for Machu Picchu later.
Day 3 Ollantaytambo – Ollantaytambo is the Temple of the Winds and the Waters.  Here we will wander and be guided about the ancient Inka History, and also the clearing ceremonies done here.  Near the Temple of the Sun, we will release into large stones any hucha that remains in our fields, including all worries and concerns.  We will call to the spirit of the winds and bring these into our hearts.  We choose a place that is quieter by the Temple of the Condor, and imagine a shamanic journey on the back of the Condor that flies above the temples and then continues up towards Apu Veronica and the Wiracocha Mountain.  We learn about our Wiracocha, the 8 chakra and how it shares our personal connection to source or creator. 
We get a sack lunch to go at Heart’s Café, and continue toward the train station to take our hour and 40 minute train to Machu Picchu, the Crystallized City of Light.
Day 4 Machu Picchu  We hike up towards Huayna Picchu at the earliest possible hour of 7 AM, and catch the 5:30 or 6 AM bus up to enter the park.  The hike up to Huayna is appropriate for anyone who is in reasonable shape with good knees and strong legs.  The stairs are steep, so please bring excellent hiking boots with ankle support for this portion.  On top we will offer to Huayna Picchu, and Machu Picchu gratitude for our journey.  We continue back down and tour the crystal city of light for about two and a half hours.  We go outside the park to have our lunch, use the restrooms, and return for the afternoon.  In the afternoon you are free to wander and see which areas call to you for receiving this fine vibrational light.  Meditate quietly in your own secret garden area high above the clouds.  Take an afternoon bus back to Aquas Calientes, and soak in the hot springs if you like.  Overnight in Machu Picchu at the hotel of your Group’s Choice.
Day 5 Return to Cusco.  Travel back to Ollantaytambo by train, and then continue by bus or other transport to Cusco.  Travel through the upper pampas, and see the distant views of mountains and majestic beauty.  Check into your hotel in Cusco.  Wandering in Cusco plaza, visiting the cathedrals or museums recommended by our group below.
Cusco Tour – This portion of the tour can be added either before or after the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  Visit the Temple of the Korikancha, the Temple of Gold.  Originally designed with large golden coverings in niches, and sacred objects, this museum explains some of the interesting history of Cusco.  Listen to the explanation of the ceque lines, energetic lines under the earth, that followed some of the Inka trails, where apacheta offerings were made.  Continue towards the plaza, visiting the San Blas artist area, and having lunch nearby.  Take a bus up to Sacsayhuaman for a full tour of this sacred site, listening to the magic of the lightning energy, and the significance of the serpent.  We continue towards Kenko, with its small cave to discover the connection between these sites.  We wander outside for another blessing ceremony from one of the other Qero Elders.  Return back towards Cusco.  You can choose to have an evening dinner with the group or wander to a variety of recommended restaurants.
Lunch:  Green’s Café (Healthy with vegetarian options) or Jack’s Café
Dinner:  Inka Grill  ( Plaza ) or Limo ( Plaza ) or Chicha’s ( Plaza Regocios )( High End restaurants with terrific food )
Pucara   – Corner of Plaza de Armas and Plateros    More typical Andean food with a menu offering.
PISAQ:  El Mullu en the Pisaq Plaza - Visit this restaurant when you have more time.  In general they cook each item one at a time, so you cannot be in a hurry here.  However they offer fresh juices, extracts, thai food that is excellent and a large menu.
Uhlrikes - Uhlrike started this restaurant years ago, and it is still a favorite for tourists and for locals.  They offer a menu with a quinoa or pumpkin soup, a variety of dinners, and then a dessert.   ( brownies, carrot cake and more! ) 
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