Peru Mistico Travel S.R.L. - Travel to Sacred Sites and Shift your Life with Shamanic Processes.  Enter the Healer Within State and Envision Changes.
Welcome to Healing and Shamanic Paths!
Peru Mistico Travel S.R.L. and Heart and Soul Essence L.C. is dedicated to helping individuals heal within themselves to create new directions and opportunities.  We offer treks and tours including Inka Trail, Machu Picchu Tours, and visits to the Sacred Valley and Cusco, Amazon and Jungles of Puerto Maldonado, and coastal trails.     Jamee offers private consultations to assist you in doing this.  She also offers future possibility readings to help you look in possible new directions and paths.
We hope you join us in Peru and the US for tours and trainings!!  Heart & Soul Essence L.C. is our experienced energetic wellness and healing business in the USA and Works with Agencies in Peru including Peru Mistico Travel SRL for Sacred Trainings and Mystical Tours, Ceremony, Earth Blessings,  and Individual Sessions.  We have been sharing these things since 1999.
In Peru, we have various Peruvian specialists who can assist our plannings. They offer assistance on journeys, and share the Andean Teachings and Initiations.   Wilbert is our special consultant in Peru and helps us with transports, and business matters.  

Private Ceremonies
Includes offerings, house clearings, and energy work.
Price: $125.00
Sessions Energetic
Balance one of your chakras, and illuminate your themes.
Price: $125.00

Sacred Site Day Tours
Visit one of the sacred sites, learn some of the Andean Cosmovision, and shift your goals!
Price: $200.00
Andean Teachings
Explore new ways to work with Chumpi Stones, Cord Cutting, Intuitive Divination and more!
Price: $850.00

August 10 - 14
4 N 5 D
Price: $1,450.00
Payment Options:

Ausungate Trek Private Schedule
Join us for an amazing 4 N 5 D Trek near Ausungate Mountain. Learn Andean Traditions, Receive Ceremonies, and participate and explore shamanic journeying. This place is magical!
Price: $1,450.00

Colca Canyon Tours -  Scheduling for 2015.   Option to travel to Arequipa and Colca Canyon for tour with the Condors!   Includes tour of Arequipa, Colca Canyon and Hot Springs for several days, with return to Arequipa.  You can fly to Arequipa and back for more tours.  Email for details.

Oct. 30 31 and Nov. 1  2015 Chinchasuyu Andean Chakana Training North; Sedona, Arizona.  This is a three day class for you to continue the work with your shamanic altar, and to work with the Energies in Sedona!  We will connect to mystery teachings, and how to work in the momentum tunnel.    Bring 3 stones for the class.  Email me for details.  We will develop traditions from the Andean Cosmovision.  Please register early. MUNAY!

Andean Chinchasuyu Chakana Training South
This training helps you to clear imprints in your energy body from your light body in this lifetime.
Price: $350.00
Payment Options:



Blessing Despacho Ceremony
Offering of flowers, grains, and candies with your intentions led by Jamee and Qero
Price: $100.00
Machu Picchu Tour
Includes Train, Entrance, Bus, and one night in Aquas with guide.
Price: $525.00
MAPI Payment:
We offer specialized Peru Journeys where you experience the energy and magic of Peru and the Southwest in the United States.  We work with local Qero, the indigenous elders of the high Andes of Peru, and other types of shamans.  We offer private energy sessions to change on many levels of the Light Body including the physical, the emotional and small thinking mind, the story or mythic, and the energetic.  We combine many different modes of healing such as pranic healing, shamanic journey, illumination and extraction, destiny tracking, and future shifts.  As you travel to the mystery of these places,  we pause to work with the energies of nature, the Pachamama ( Mother Earth ), the Unu ( water in Quechua ), the Nina, ( fire in Quechua ), the Waira ( wind in Quechua ).  We work with local peruvian guides, agencies to coordinate all of our journey.  We select the best of the best.
We are excited about our tours now from April to June 2015. 

We will continue to develop the tours from June to October also!! So if you want to book with us, you must now register with your deposit at least 3 to 5 months ahead to secure your place.
Schedule your tours with our guides and Qero Elders.  Email me at
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